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Thursday, December 06, 2007

    I've decided that I want to start blogging again. Only problem: I want my daughter (a.k.a. "Deals" of BLINKY MOMENTS) to revamp my site.

    Easier said than done, right?!


    Hard life (I know).

    Or maybe I'll start a Facebook account? I'll keep you posted. Maybe.

    The end.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006


      Okay, I'm being a little over dramatic, but the fact remains: I got sucked on by shark. How many of you can say that? None?...That's what I thought.

      Anyhoo, here's further proof that I swam with the stingrays:

      See?! They were everywhere...and they were hungry!

      This is me being helped out by our snuba guide mere seconds after the near-fatal suck job...

      After the attack, I much preferred to watch the stingrays from above...

      Yes, that's right folks, I looked death in the eye and smiled!

      Darling daughter, Deals, posted about our trip on her site, too. Feel free to visit the relevant posting HERE, but remember - DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS. Grammy Pammy's are much too graceful to fall into bathtubs. Sheesh!

      Thursday, March 09, 2006

        The Jury is Back
        The Verdict is In
        Zeus Ordered Out
        Of Gene Pool

        After many weeks of deliberation that threatened to end in deadlock, the jury in the case of Zeus vs. SPCA (The Society Promoting the Castration of Animals) and SPCA-NZ (The Society Promoting the Castration of Animals--Named Zeus) returned its verdict in favor of the SPCA and the SPCA-NZ.

        Upon hearing his sentence, Zeus bravely wagged his tail a little and then settled back to chew on his doggie treat, as if hiding his true feelings.
        Witnesses, who have chosen to remain anonymous, later observed Zeus sniffing and licking his family "jewels" in a poignant moment of impending loss.

        Zeus has refused comment on either the trial or its outcome. Jurists quickly exited and have so far remained unavailable for comment.

        The date of "execution" of the sentence has yet to be set. Inside sources predict the sentence will be carried out by the end of March or the first part of April. Those same sources also report that "the procedure" will include having Zeus's teeth cleaned. Additionally, two baby teeth will be removed, preventing future gum erosion, gum disease, plaque and bad doggy breath.

        Execution of sentence will, of course,require a needle rendering the subject dead to the world, helpless, unaware of his surroundings....

        What does the future hold? Professional sources report that Zeus will not have to worry about siring puppies, nor will he be bothered with worries of testicular or prostate cancers. Overall prognosis? A long and happy life.

        As for the question inquiring minds most frequently ask regarding the future of "marking behaviors," Zeus, once again, had no comment.

        Tuesday, January 31, 2006

          The Trauma Facing Zeus

          How can anyone look at that cute fuzzy face and want any harm to come to that little bitty dog?

          My "darling" daughters, that's who!

          It's not enough that Zeus went in for his annual check up yesterday trembling and whining...and that's BEFORE "they" took him behind the big door for the dreaded taking of the temperature (You know where) His terrified screams could be heard in the next county! "Bad Touch!! Bad Touch!!" And that was just the beginning.

          Next...Judging from his cries for help, Dracula himself must have taken the blood sample (base line & heart worm check) It nearly made ME cry to listen...alone...waiting in the examination room.

          But NOTHING can compare to the awful appearance of every dog's most terrifying nighmare: Needles!!! Three of them...(All necessary & I might add "routine" vaccinations)
          "NO! NO! NO! Mommy!! SAVE ME! Can't you SEE what THEY are DOING!??" (All of this sounds different and much louder when a dog says it, by the way)

          He Squirmed, Rolled, Pitched a real fit, but was finally subdued, all 6 pounds of him, by two (count 'em--two) full grown, adults, one of whom was wielding the NEEDLE.

          Poor little thing...

          But, it's not enough trauma! No, NOT nearly enough for the "daughters." OH, NO, there MUST be MORE!!

          Did you notice one of the first comments from ONE of the (darling) Dauhters?? It said, and I quote, "When are you going to get HIM Neutered?" No "how is Zeus today?" or "I think he's really cute, can I come over and take him for a little walk in the sunshine?" OH NO--right away, "So, when are you going to get him neutered?"

          It's been said by Nightcourt and others (who shall also remain nameless) that Zeus is NOT a manly sort of dog. He's a sissy dog or a terrible comical caricature of a dog, but not a REAL dog.

          In his defense, he has at least 4 manly things: A Harley Davidson t-shirt he got for his birthday, a leather collar with spikes he got for Christmas and TWO "you know whats" that were issued as standard equipment when he was born.
          That's IT, Folks! That's ALL!! And He's quite ATTACHED to the last two.

          Alas, there are THOSE that would DENY him half of his manly possessions. And, notice too, that it's someone of the FEMALE persuasion that wants this additional TRAUMA to befall this poor, helpless, defensless, little dog.

          What has the world come to???

          Monday, January 30, 2006

            I received the following in an unexpected email from my ex-husband:

            Does anyone else think that he might be trying to tell me something...?

            (I'm a good pilot...really!)

            Saturday, January 28, 2006

              My question:

              Why is it that my kids keep getting older, but I don't??